PyCon US 2013 Videos has videos of talks from PyCon US 2013 up. After I overcame my battle with envy of the people who got to go, a few of the videos caught my eye.


While novice coders are the intended audience, there are a lot of great tidbits in these videos that even the advanced crowd will appreciate. They also exemplify great presentation techniques.

Loop like a native: while, for, iterators, generators
Net Batchelder explains how you can leverage Python's fantastic iteration APIs to fight off the evil Integer Lovers! There's even a nice short link ( you can hit people with.
Crypto 101
LVH does a great job of introducing the basics of cryptography, along with a few important bits of best practice advice. You shouldn't use SHA for password hashing, learn why in this video.

Writing About Code

Discussions about documentation, and more generally, writing about code.

Write the Docs
James Bennett discusses the different ways people learn, and why you should write documentation for as many different learning styles as possible.
If You Code, You Should Write
Brian K. Jones talks about why you should write more than just documentation, regardless of your skill level in coding or in writing, and how programmers are already writers in several different ways.

Extra Nifty Projects

Worry-Free Parsers with Parsley
Allen Short introduces Parsley, his wonderful implementation of OMeta, a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) language. Give Parsley a PEG grammar as a string, and it gives you a Python class with the rules. Intelligent error reporting and a clean API make Parsley my first choice for parsing... that is, it will whenever I find a need to write one.