Hi! I'm Colin Dunklau. I created this site to publish programming tutorials, snippets, expriences, and other possibly interesting things.


I'm a technical generalist. I'm not an expert at much of anything... mostly because I know a lot about a great many things, technical and otherwise. I reject the "jack of all trades, master of none" notion, because I'm a master at figuring out problems... and it would be hard to do that without knowing a lot of stuff.

The most appropriate label I've come up with for myself (yet) is "information systems engineer". I solve technical problems for a living... it's pretty awesome. At work, I write code to make my job easier, but at home, I write it for fun.


Learning is my number one passion. Science, code, music, history, philosophy; they're all fair game.

When I'm not working, coding, or (actively) learning, I try to enjoy the finer things in life: good books, music with talent, rich coffee, strong beer, pungent whiskey, and passionate conversations with intelligent people.

I hope you'll enjoy what I come up with.

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